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This is an ancient place know right from 1900AD,Schools existed from 1927,is situated on the shore of Kuttiyady river and is mainly Muslim populated area. Connecting roads to Badagara, Calicut, kannor, Tellicheri, Vayanad,etc.. Kuttiady has police station, 110kv substation, Govt. Hospital,+2 High School and many infrastructures. Kuttiday was the first town hub at the town of Malabar migration of Christians from Travancore in this area right from 1930's. Power project and Irrigataion project both known as Kuttiady power and irrigation projects. Coconut trees of Kuttiady are famous for its size and high productivity.
The Kuttiadi River:- Rising from the Narikota Ranges on the western slopes of the Wynad Hills a part of Western Ghats at an elevation of 1220 m M.S.L of the kuttiyadi River flows through Badagara, Quilandy and Kozhikode Taluks. The river is also known as the Murat River .This river has a length of 74kms It falls into the Arabin Sea at Kottakal 7 km and along with its tributaries it drains in area of 583 sq. km.
The major tributaries of the river are the Onipuzha, the Thottilpalampuzha the Kadiyangad puzha thevannathilpuzha and the Madappallipuzha. The river passes through Oorakuzhi Kuttiadi. Traveler, Muyipot, Maniyur and Karuvacheri. The historical Kottakkal Forest is situated at the mouth of the river.
Kuttiady Dam (Peruvannamoozhi Dam)

Significance of Kuttiady Dam Kuttiady Peruvannamuzhi Dam is one of the most beautiful dams in Kerala. Being situated in a small village, its beauty gets added up. It is approximately 60km from Kozhikode district. You could reach by a two hour journey. It is situated in the north- south direction of Calicut city. There are many private bus services o this place. There is an artificial lake in Peruvannamuzhi. You can enjoy boating in Peruvannamuzhi artificial lake. While riding through the artificial lake, there you can see 'Smaraka Thottam', a garden made in the memory of great leaders of freedom struggle. The garden also offers a great enjoyment to you. It also gives you happiness, joy and refreshment.
Peruvannamuzhi Dam also serves water for the famous Japan Govt. Aided Drinking Water Project. Long tunnels runs from here for the purpose of provide drinking water to secluded villages of Kozhikode district.
There is also a crocodile farm and a bird sanctuary situated here at Peruvannamuzhi. There are more than twenty crocodiles here in different pools. The bird sanctuary also offers you with birds of varieties more than 90 species. The Peacocks of Peruvannamuzhi is famous. But it is now considered as vulnerable species. The Peruvannamuzhi dam belongs to the Kuttiady irrigation project. The water stored here is used for the production of electricity as well as for irrigation. This Peruvannamuzhi Dam is used for providing water to three main districts- Kozhikode, Malapuram and Kannur.
There is also an institution running here Indian Institution for Spice Research. They were responsible for the production of varies varieties of seeds and saplings here. Kuttiady Agricultural farm is also located at Peruvannamuzhi.The tourists can also visit one of the old churches of Kozhikode district, Fathima Matha Catholic Church. The head quarters of Shalom, a popular television channel is also located at Peruvannamuzhi.
Other Main Attraction near Peruvenamuzhi Dam 1) Mananchira Square It is situated at the heart part of the Calicut city. The big Green Park and pond at there are famous. The main town hall is situated near to it. 2) The Art gallery and Krishna Menon Museum It is situated at East Hill, Calicut. It contains various monuments and old craftsmanship.
Where to stay at Peruvannamuzhi There are many rest houses and hotels surrounding the Peruvannamuzhi Dam. They would also provide you best, traditional as well as modern food stuffs. Location of Peruvannamuzhi Dam The Peruvannamuzhi Dam is located 60km from the Kozhikode city. You could reach here by private bus or by taxi. When to come Peruvannamuzhi Dam There is no particular season to come Peruvannamuzhi Dam. But it would be better to come here in summer seasons (Mar-May) for boat riding. You should also reach here before 6pm since the Peruvannamuzhi Dam closes by 6pm. The Peruvannamuzhi Dam is also close on national holidays and Sundays. How to reach Peruvannamuzhi Dam 1) By Road: The Peruvannamuzhi Dam can be reached by road within two hours from Kozhikode city. 2) By Rail : The nearby railway station is Kozhikode Railway Station. 3) By Air : The nearby airport is Karipur International Airport

Islamiya College, Kuttiadi

Islamiya College, Kuttiadi is one of the best institutions in Kerala rendering Islamic education to the new generations for the last five decades. It was constituted under the leadership of Haji V.P. Mohammedali Sahib, the first Ameer-e-Jama-at, Kerala Halqa.The present curriculum ‘Kulliyathul Quran’ emphasizing Qur’an study was framed by Janab. K. Moidu Moulavi, a renowned Arabic poet and famous Islamic scholar. Telephone:0091 4962596039, 0091 4962599030.